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🚀 **Elevate Your Leadership through Servant Leadership!** 🚀

Thrilled to share this insightful article on making servant leadership sustainable by striking a balance between self & others 🔄 from the Center for Creative Leadership!

📍 Key Takeaways1️⃣ Servant leadership is not just about serving others but also giving importance to self-care. 🤝💖2️⃣ It emphasizes creating a balanced approach to ensure longevity and efficacy in a leadership role. ⚖️🚀🔥 Coaching Insight 🔥Balancing ‘serving others’ & ‘self-care’ is crucial to avoid burnout and ensure your leadership journey is sustainable & impactful! 🌟 As a leader, it’s vital to nourish your capacities to consistently serve your team effectively. 🚀🎯 Actionable Tip 🎯Reflect on your leadership style and ask yourself:- How are you serving your team?- How are you ensuring your sustainability as a leader?Let’s champion a leadership style that embodies empathy, service, and self-preservation! 🏆💼

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