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WRA Consults

L&D Needs Analysis Project &
Learning Journey Design 
(Front Line Manager & Senior Leader Transitions)

Lead the L&D Needs Analysis Project, a comprehensive initiative aimed at identifying and addressing specific knowledge, skills, and competency gaps within the organization, with a specific focus on Front Line Manager and Senior Leader Transitions.


Leadership Accelerator Bootcamps - Leadership Coach

As a Leadership Coach for the Leadership Accelerator Bootcamps, I play a pivotal role in providing targeted coaching sessions aimed at reinforcing key outcomes from the leadership program. The program encompasses critical elements designed to enhance leadership effectiveness.


Global Banking Peer Forums
Facilitator and Coach

In my role as a facilitator and coach for Global Banking Peer Forums, I played a crucial role in guiding senior executives through a collaborative and insightful forum experience. The focus is on helping leaders address and navigate business and leadership challenges, fostering an environment of trust, empathy, and continuous improvement.

Credit Card

Tech Start-up:  Leadership Coach

As a Leadership Coach, my primary role is to support the Founder and executive team through targeted coaching sessions. The focus is on equipping them with the necessary insights and skills to become effective leaders in the dynamic landscape of growing a tech start-up.

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