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WRA Consults

Unlock your potential and become a dynamic leader.  Gain the confidence to navigate change and inspire your team.

Get to Know WRA Consults

WRA Consults is a leading provider of leadership coaching

(EMCC Certified Coach/Mentor), leadership development, and change management solutions based in Amsterdam, Netherlands I am dedicated to helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential.  Whether you are looking to create leadership programs to empower leaders to navigate the complexities of today's business landscape, drive growth, and inspire their teams or you are looking to enhance your own leadership skills, manage change effectively, or develop a high-performing team, WRA Consults is here to support you every step of the way.

Licenses & Certifications

EMCC Global - Coach/Mentor Practitioner
Certified HR Business Partner _ Allen_ed
Certified DEIB Specialist
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A seasoned leader in the field of leadership development, with over 20 years of experience at Duke Corporate Education, one of the world's leading executive education providers. I have designed and delivered customized leadership development programmes for a wide range of clients across various industries, such as finance, aerospace, pharmaceutical and energy. Some of his notable clients include Rolls-Royce, AstraZeneca, PwC, Shell and Barclays.

I also played a key role in Duke Corporate Education's global expansion, participating in three office launch projects in different regions of the world: North America, Europe and Africa. He has helped build partnerships with global/local universities, faculty, educational partners and organizations, as well as recruit and develop many staff members across the globe.

In addition to his work at Duke Corporate Education, Wayne is also an accredited EMCC Global Individual Practitioner leadership coach and a consultant for L&D clients through his own firm, WRA Consults. He offers coaching services for executives and managers, as well as consulting services for designing and implementing L&D strategies and solutions.

Wayne currently lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands with his partner, Andrei, and their corgi, Lily. He enjoys cooking and is currently trying to master Thai cuisine. He is also an avid boater and spends part of his free time exploring the canals and waterways of the Netherlands.


Leadership Development

I am passionate about supporting organizational leadership and development projects, I specialize in co-creating tailored experiences to meet the unique needs of my clients. I understand that every organization faces distinct challenges and fosters diverse cohorts of talent. That's why I pride myself on crafting custom programs that resonate with your specific context. Whether you're seeking to empower managers, directors, high-potentials, or executives, my approach goes beyond imparting knowledge. I am dedicated to cultivating the behaviors and mindsets necessary to catalyze meaningful change within your organization. My commitment extends to offering flexible program formats, including face-to-face, hybrid, or fully-digital options, ensuring that your leadership development journey aligns seamlessly with your preferences and goals. Together, we can embark on a transformative journey towards stronger, more effective leadership within your organization.

Leadership Coaching

I am EMCC  Accredited Coach and I specialize in guiding individuals through every stage of their leadership journey, from early career professionals to those navigating transitional phases and senior leaders seeking to maximize their potential. My coaching approach is designed to empower you with the skills, insights, and confidence needed to excel in leadership roles. Whether you're just starting your leadership journey and looking to build a strong foundation, in the midst of a career transition, or a seasoned leader seeking continuous growth, I am here to provide tailored guidance and support. I am  committed to helping you develop the leadership acumen necessary to thrive in today's dynamic and competitive business landscape. Unlock your leadership potential with us and take charge of your professional growth.


Schedule a Free 60min Coaching Conversation

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Leadership Coaching

A EMCC Accredited Coach

Wayne brings a proven track record to leadership development, one that is backed by two decades of relentless dedication to empowering leaders.


Wayne's journey began with an extensive tenure in Learning and Development. Serving as a Chief of Staff to CEOs and leadership teams, he gained an unparalleled perspective into leadership dynamics at its zenith. Wayne observed the key differences between exceptional leaders and their counterparts, allowing him to decode the strategies, mindset, and behaviors that create leadership excellence.


His commitment to leadership development is further exemplified by over 20 years of involvement with Duke Corporate Education, a global powerhouse in executive education. There, he crafted bespoke leadership development programs for industry giants such as Rolls-Royce, AstraZeneca, PwC, Shell, and Barclays, just to name a few. Wayne's expertise wasn't just limited to program design; he played an instrumental role in Duke Corporate Education's worldwide expansion, launching offices in North America, Europe, and Africa. His global engagements led to forging alliances with prominent universities, faculties, and educational bodies, and also to mentoring numerous professionals worldwide.


Beyond these roles, Wayne champions leadership development and L&D strategies through his firm, WRA Consults. As an accredited EMCC Global Individual Practitioner leadership coach, he extends his coaching prowess to managers and executives, guiding them to achieve their leadership aspirations. His consultancy arm designs and rolls out innovative L&D solutions, showcasing his holistic approach to leadership excellence.

Now, I'm excited to share my knowledge and expertise with you. My leadership coaching programs are designed to help you:


  • **Unleash Your Full Potential:** Discover the hidden leadership qualities within you and unlock your true potential.


  • **Build High-Performing Teams:** Learn the art of assembling and leading teams that consistently deliver outstanding results.


  • **Navigate Complex Challenges:** Gain the confidence and skills needed to tackle even the most intricate leadership challenges.


  • **Foster a Culture of Success:** Create a work environment that encourages innovation, collaboration, and growth.


  • **Achieve Your Career Goals:** Map out a clear path to your leadership aspirations and conquer your career objectives.


My coaching approach is highly individualized, ensuring that we tailor our sessions to your specific needs and goals. I'm not just a coach; I'm your partner in your leadership journey, dedicated to helping you succeed.


Are you ready to embark on a transformational leadership journey with me? Let's work together to elevate your leadership skills and achieve remarkable results.


To explore how my coaching can benefit you, I'd love to offer you a complimentary consultation. Please reply to this email ( or to schedule a convenient time.


Remember, great leaders are not born; they are developed. With my guidance, you can become the leader you've always aspired to be.


Thank you for considering this opportunity, and I look forward to the possibility of working with you.


Package Components

  • Meeting Coordination

    • Ensure a coaching session is in the diary.

    • Manage changes and cancellations of coaching sessions.

  • Identification of coaching objectives

    • Ensure the coachee has clearly defined objectives and a pathway

    • Provide Tools, Frameworks, etc. that are relevant to supporting coaching objectives

  • Co-Create ROI & Feedback Framework

  • Six Coaching Sessions 90 – 120 mins over six months

    • To be delivered via Zoom or MS Teams

  • Homework & Practice Activities that support accountability on objectives.

  • Support between sessions

    • 15 – 30-minute check-in conversations

    • Thought-Leadership Collateral (books, articles, video)                                     

Take their word for it

"What I appreciated most about your style was the detailed attention to making the sessions as comfortable as possible with uncertainty.  You were able to pivot that “I don’t know” into a productive brainstorm session where I felt safe thinking out loud. Another trait you displayed was to always bring me back to my goals, especially when I started to spin out in those brainstorm spaces. You are truly a wonderful coach with a keen sense of the next question to help me move forward towards a goal."

N. Patel Associate Director

Michael Chavez

Former CEO

During my tenure as CEO, Wayne served as my Chief of Staff. I asked him to step into this role after having worked with him for several years in managing both projects and operations in our London office, when I was Regional Managing Director of Europe. Although I had to move back to the US to take on the CEO job, Wayne remained in Europe, which not only did not worry me, but it became a benefit as Wayne could manage much of my day-to-day duties on a global level. As I suspected, Wayne stepped up to this complex role and did so with grace and skill. What I did not expect was how extensive his support of me in my role would become.

Wayne was much, much more than a Chief of Staff. I often told him that my job was undoable without his advice, and support as he was always a step or two ahead of me, which was critical as we underwent massive change in our organization. He often served as a de facto Chief Administrative Officer and head of Budget Committee. His skills are broad and his knowledge of organizational learning change is deep. I also relied on Wayne to help with the most complex client challenges as his customer centricity, empathy and professionalism are second to none.

As Chief of Staff, his ability to manage complex global processes, bring people together, negotiate for optimal outcomes and create an environment of trust and transparency was instrumental in helping me to create a strong global team that I was challenging to manage our business more strategically to deliver stronger client and financial results.

I strongly recommend him for hire (and would do so myself if I could) as he is highly skilled, empathetic, tenacious, collaborative and people oriented. His ability to manage ambiguity, complexity and change, while maintaining nothing but a positive attitude will suit a variety of senior roles in HR, Leadership and Organizational Development, Transformation and the C-suite. For Wayne, I offer nothing less than my strongest recommendation.

JooBee Yeow

Advisor to start-ups, educator, speaker, writer and entrepreneur

It has been over 10 years since I worked with Wayne, and everything I have learned from him still lives on in the way I lead and hope to instil in the leaders I coach. From managing clients, leading a team, influencing difficult stakeholders, to his nurturing his peers, Wayne extends the most generous interpretation possible to the intentions, words and actions of others. His absolute superpower is 🎈lifting others up!
Christine Robers
Chief Marketing Officer
I worked with Wayne for nearly twenty years at Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE). In his role of Chief of Staff, I had the pleasure to collaborate with him on the leadership team in my role heading marketing for the organization.

Wayne is an exceptional colleague and teammate and truly excels in the role of Chief of Staff. He led numerous successful transformation efforts at Duke CE, from major system implementations to key strategic initiatives across the organization. Wayne has the gift of being able to take a strategic vision and execute masterfully, wrapping his arms around multiple streams of work across the world, to land successful outcomes.

Part of this success stems from how wonderful he is with people – the care he showed our global team was unparalleled. Wayne also managed learning and development clients with exceptional client centricity, creativity, and deep care to drive impact and measurable outcomes for the business.

I continually teamed with Wayne to drive successful change initiatives and I was thankful for his communication skills. He influences others one-on-one to align for results while also leveraging sharp writing and convening skills to inspire and move teams.

Wayne helped to formulate Duke CE’s values in the early days and then was a carrier of our values, consistently making others great and melting boundaries through his relationships and work. Wayne is a delight to work with and brings the adaptability and humility needed to lead and drive change at speed in our world today.

Finally, Wayne has strong skills in learning and development and organizational change. Even in his Chief of Staff role, Wayne carried clients who continually provided glowing testimonials of his work and were deeply engaged in our marketing.

I highly recommend Wayne for leadership roles including Chief of Staff, Transformation, L&D and HR/People. Should you need a reference or have questions about Wayne, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Geraldine Harrison

I worked with Wayne for 6 years whilst Head of Executive Development at Rolls-Royce. Wayne is the consummate professional, he listens and responds creatively to project requirements. He never failed to deliver to time, budget and quality. He also has a great skill in finding the right people for the job. I would highly recommend him.
Erica Eillis
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Principal Consultant at Velosio
I worked with Wayne on a year long implementation of Microsoft Dynamics at DukeCE. As the project manager, Wayne was integral in driving DukeCE participation in the project, and he continuously worked with my team to understand project expectations and deadlines. I was impressed with his ability to secure the engagement of numerous department leads and subject matter experts, and to ensure their assigned tasks were completed. Both phases of the project were completed on time and Wayne’s involvement was a key factor in that success. Wayne treated each stakeholder as a customer and conveyed the impact they had on the way Dynamics was built. This not only helped in project participation, but user adoption of the product as well. As a partner, I would choose to work with Wayne again and I would love to see more executives drive change as Wayne does.
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